UNC T-Shirts

North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Youth Navy Blue Long Sleeve T-shirt

Let your young fan cheer his heart out in this cute tee featuring distressed screen print lettering on the chest and sleeve!




$ 19.95

North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Youth X-Ray T-Shirt – Carolina Blue

Whether you?€™re taking your young Tar Heels fan to the bus stop or his first North Carolina game he needs a way to show off his favorite team. Help him display his Tar Heels spirit with this X-Ray tee. The front features ?€œCarolina Tar Heels?€ printed above a bold school wordmark. Your young fan will look cool and ready to cheer on his team in this tee!




$ 15.95

Nike North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Youth Practice T-Shirt – Carolina Blue

Your kiddo has taken an everlasting vow to support North Carolina through thick and thin. Passion like that will never fade so put your youngster?€™s Tar Heels pride on display by getting him Nike?€™s Football Official Practice tee. It displays several “Tar Heels” phrases printed around a team logo on the front. He?€™ll pledge allegiance to North Carolina for all eternity!




$ 16.99

North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Youth Tank T-Shirt – Carolina Blue

Just like the Tar Heels your youngster?€™s UNC spirit is unstoppable. Let your young fanatic showcase his undying devotion to the best school in the world by wearing this Tank tee. This tee features the team name and logo printed on the front for a solid display of his UNC pride. In addition the back features a much larger logo so everyone can see that he?€™s covered on all sides! The opposition?€™s fanbase will be overwhelmed by so much team dedication.




$ 17.95

Nike North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Youth Bench Press Legend Performance T-Shirt – Carolina Blue

Make sure your future Tar Heel is geared up and ready for game time! This Bench Press Legend performance tee from Nike features screen printed “Carolina” lettering and a school logo on the front. Constructed with Nike’s superior Dri-FIT technology it’ll keep your young superstar cool and dry during the hottest training sessions. This stylish tee will expedite your young UNC fan’s rise to stardom!




$ 24.95

North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Toddler Girls Polka Dotted T-Shirt – Navy Blue

Coming from a long line of Tar Heels fans your little girl was primed for UNC stardom from day one. You’ve got big plans for her. Make sure she starts showing off her future school early with the Polka Dotted T-shirt. Team-colored polka dot “Carolina” tackle twill lettering across the front make this shirt just girly enough for your little Heels fan!




$ 16.95

North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Youth Balanced Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Carolina Blue

Your young fan absolutely cannot wait for the next Tar Heels game. Make sure he?€™s suited up in North Carolina team spirit with the long sleeve Balanced T-shirt. Featuring a printed logo above the team name and establishment date on the chest and a team name printed down the left sleeve this tee is sure to have your youngster screaming ?€œGo Tar Heels?€ louder than anyone in the crowd. You?€™re always proud of your UNC teams but you?€™ll be even more pleased to see your fledgling fanatic supporting them!




$ 18.95

Nike North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Toddler Eat Sleep Dominate T-Shirt – Carolina Blue

Get your fledgling fanatic revved up with Tar Heels attitude in the Eat Sleep Dominate tee by Nike. Featuring a North Carolina wordmark and some tongue-in-cheek lettering this tee will inspire your little one to be a competitor at mealtime and naptime. Made of comfy soft cotton this wee shirt won’t cramp your youngster?€™s style. In this tee your young UNC fan will be a team supporter and a snappy dresser!




$ 17.95

North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Youth Mega Logo T-Shirt – Navy Blue

You know how it is in the South ?€“ sports are a way of life! It all started when you decorated his nursery with the UNC team colors; now he?€™s a total Carolina fanatic. Nothing makes you prouder than watching your young man take pride in your alma mater. With this Mega Logo T-shirt you can have a constant reminder of where his loyalty lies. This ultra-soft cotton blend tee features a bold team logo on the front screen printed in a distressed motif and ?€œGo Heels?€ on the left sleeve. This t-shirt is will be the perfect way for your future football star to show his UNC pride ?€“ until of course you see him on the field at Kenan Memorial Stadium leading the Tar Heels to another year of domination.




$ 21.95

North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Youth Fireside Double Layer Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Carolina Blue

You and your young Tar Heels fan can?€™t fathom why the North Carolina rivals even show up to the games. Don?€™t they know that playing with fire is only gonna get them burned? Let your youngster scorch the rival?€™s fans with his sizzling UNC style in this Fireside long sleeve tee. It features a bold team name arched over a school wordmark and sewn-in long sleeves so your young fan can stay nice and cozy during the game. This is the perfect tee for watching his favorite team burn the competition!




$ 16.95

North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Youth Conversion T-Shirt – Carolina Blue

Your young UNC fan sees it as his life’s mission to convert as many people over from the dreaded dark side of Duke! Give him the tools for the job when you grab him the Tar Heels Conversion tee. Who could resist rooting for UNC when they see him in this shirt with the team logo and ?€œGo Heels?€ printed on the front? His conversion rate is gonna shoot through the roof!




$ 17.99

Nike North Carolina Tar Heels (UNC) Youth Aerographic T-Shirt – Carolina Blue

Get your young fan ready to rep the Tar Heels during the chaos of March Madness and beyond with this Aerographic tee by Nike. It features custom team graphics across the front for a majorly bold show of true UNC pride!




$ 18.99